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Brick facade is mostly used in building houses. Many people who are architects or are owners of their houses, both of them would go for the brick facade when it comes to designing the house or building them. This type of facade is very reliable and is very strong made up of bricks that can withstand anything. Brick facade gives a very graceful and a stylish look to your houses. If you choose this type of facade for constructing your houses then you have made the right choice. Brick is very much durable and is very much resistant to anything. Whenever you are bricks for doing your siding on the house or when you are using brick facade on your house, you do not need to paint the house on the out side. This is the greatest quality of this type of facade - that no color or paint is required after the facade is applied. The brick when rendered to the environment or when exposed to bad weather, it does not show any kind of problem.

The brick facade also has another feature that it acts as an insulator so that the house is protected from the out side temperature. Brick facade and faux brick, both are very similar to each other. Both are absorbent in nature. We should clean both with water as in this way we can preserve the bricks. If you are living in an area where the climate is very cold during the rainy seasons then watering both is a very good idea. Brick facade and faux brick is usually applied to places where the house has wooden walls over the building. There is a certain kind of mixture that is used to hold the faux brick and facade brick in place. The mixture is usually made of lime, water, cement and sand. This mixture is very strong as it can very easily hold the faux brick and facade brick.

Brick facade and faux brick can also be available in a variety of designs. If time and money is very important for you then it is better that you opt for brick panels as this may save time and it is very much affordable as compared to a number of designs of faux brick. Brick panelling saves the cost and also it is not time consuming as compared to faux brick. People for whom time and money is not a problem then they can go for the different designs of faux brick. If your final choice is brick facade then you need to get professionals who would under go the installation as it is not easy to do it yourself. For cleaning the brick facade and faux brick you do not need a special solution but only water will do good cleaning.

You can also install brick panels in case you can not afford brick facade. Brick panelling saves your money also.

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